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Documenting 21st century culture

The turn of the century came with a globalization of communication through the spread of the Internet, exposing many people to overwhelming amount of contents - some funny, some good, some sad, some bad.

In this new hyperconnected society, it has become hard to keep up to date with everything. This compendium aims to be a documentation for elements of 21st century culture, making them as accessible as possible to those who are "out of the loop" on specific topics.

You might be wondering what a compendium is, whether there is a deliberate political bias, who writes the content, which guidelines it follows, all those questions and more are answered in our mission statement.

All of the compendium's contents can be found on the list of all pages. Though maybe you would rather get started in your browsing by reading a randomly chosen page.

Latest updates


Page type: Definition
Published 12 days ago

Oh My God, expressing surprise or anger.


Page type: Meme
Published 13 days ago

An absurd meme in which the letters "fgsfds" are added to a picture of someone raising a finger.


Page type: Definition
Published 21 days ago

What The Fuck, expressing astonishment.

AI generated images

Page type: Meme
Published 22 days ago

Computer programs capable of generating funny images based on people's prompts cause a lot of creative hilarity.


Page type: Definition
Published 25 days ago

French initialism meaning "dying of laughter", expressing amusement.

Body shaming

Page type: Sociocultural
Published 46 days ago

Dismissing someone for their appearance can hurt more people than you'd think.

Brandolini's law

Page type: Sociocultural
Published 62 days ago

The amount of energy needed to refute bullshit is an order of magnitude larger than is needed to produce it.


Page type: Definition
Published 91 days ago

Rolling On the Floor Laughing.

PIPI in your pampers

Page type: Drama
Published 92 days ago

When chess trush talkings go too far, you better hope that liers will be kicked off...

Cool S

Page type: Meme
Published 96 days ago

You've probably seen or even drawn this symbol before.


Page type: Definition
Published 124 days ago

Laughing Out Loud, expressing amusement.

Overton window

Page type: Sociocultural
Published 126 days ago

A theory about delineating and manipulating political correctness.


Page type: Meme
Published 161 days ago

Longcat is loooooooooooooooooooooong


Page type: Meme
Published 167 days ago

An indigestion in text form.


Page type: Definition
Published 168 days ago

A shadowy figure lurks behind a computer screen. Could it be…?


Page type: Definition
Published 169 days ago

In Real Life, in the physical world.


Page type: Definition
Published 169 days ago

The combination of the first letter of several words.


Page type: Definition
Published 169 days ago

The combination of the first letter of several words, made to be pronounced out loud.


Page type: Meme
Published 198 days ago

- What else would you have if you knew about Ah?
- Well, for a start, we'd have a shack.